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Why Are Bonds So Popular In Portfolio Diversification?

Farrbury Capital | August 30, 2019

Bonds have been a well know investment model for a long time, there is nothing new about the concept of a bond, the main difference is who is issuing them and what the investment proposals are. The main thing to remember is that a bond is a regulated product, this means that it is overseen and governed by the rules of a major financial institution, increasing investors security considerably.

With a bond, the due diligence and process taken to get it listed is more than extensive, this is due to the fact that the listing company who are also a regulated body need to ensure the purpose of the bond meets their strict conditions and has substantial securities in place.

“At Farrbury Capital, we take a less is more approach, only launching investment options that meet our strict criteria, as well as suiting our investors portfolio ambitions. Investment markets can be a minefield and we pride ourselves on our ability to offer a select, yet reliable investment collection.”

James Hayward, Investment Director, Farrbury Capital Partners

Many investors use bonds as a diversification tactic, the reason being that you can invest from a relatively low value and spread risk across multiple platforms. It is however important to understand the security behind the bond, besides the standard regulations. Asset backing an investment and the implementation of a compensation scheme add yet more strength to the product.

“With considerable experience in investments within the UK property industry, we are in a strong position to put forward, what we believe to be, some of the most reliable and secure investment option currently available on the market today, marrying not only solid returns, but also substantial security and track record.”

James Hayward, Investment Director, Farrbury Capital Partners

For more information on our Bond investment opportunities, please contact Farrbury Capital Partners by emailing or calling 0203 973 1510 for further details.

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