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The Loan Note Specialists.

Welcome to Farrbury Capital Partners, comprised of property investment professionals with years of experience and an in-depth understanding of the UK property market.

Who are we?

Farrbury Capital Partners is comprised of industry professionals with years of experience in the property investment sector and an in-depth understanding of the UK property market. Farrbury Capital was established to clarify and professionalise the Loan Notes industry whilst aiding investors to identify the most suitable investment options for their individual portfolios.


An introduction to loan notes by
Farrbury Capital Partners.

To help our investors Farrbury Capital have put together a short video explaining the mechanics of a loan note investment.

An Introduction To Loan Notes.

Loan Notes are an investment vehicle that when provided by the correct developer, offer a lucrative alternative form of investment. Though not particularly complicated in their structure, the range of loan notes available means that it can be difficult for investors to identify which loan note product is compatible with their requirements.


Our commitment to you...


We focus on providing clarity throughout the investment process, offering all relevant documentation for client review to ensure understanding and confidence prior to any investment.


Our dedicated team of investment professionals will give detailed and in-depth market insights, tailored to individual requirements.


All elements of the investment process are broken down, creating an uncomplicated and streamlined method for which to invest under.


As a responsible investment company, we undertake extensive due diligence to ensure that all loan note providers offer not only necessary securities, but also an extensive and successful track record.

What our clients say...

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